Call for abstracts — Translational Research Symposium 2018

The 6th Annual Translational Research Symposium will be held on Thursday 26 July at the Translational Research Institute, Brisbane. This year the theme is “Beyond Academia” with the aim to promote careers outside of academia, and provide insight into the alternative paths available. The discussion panel and keynote speakers will explain their journey into alternative careers in sales, industry, consultancy, entrepreneurship, business, clinical and policy areas.

The 2018 categories to enter are Discovery, Development and Implementation.  These terms broadly describe the translational research pathway.

This event promotes networking throughout South-East Queensland amongst post-graduate students and professionals willing to showcase their translational research. Oral and poster sessions will be held throughout the day.

The event is open to students, early-career and mid-career researchers, research assistants, and clinicians, but we welcome attendees from all career backgrounds. The event seeks to encourage translational research, and to connect clinicians and researchers, primarily those at the start of their careers.

For more information please go to the event website:

Abstract Submissions close: 11 May 2018 – 5pm