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Seminar on Zeta potential and the measurement of surface charge

Zeta potential is important for understanding the behaviour of solid materials in many technical processes where aqueous systems play a role, e.g. membranes for water treatment, biomaterials in contact with blood or wet processing of semiconductor wafers.

Ashish Kumar (Rheology Product Specialist, MEP Instruments) speaks about the theory behind surface charge measurement techniques, instrumentation, example measurements and applications.

For people who did not attend the seminar in person, you can order a free copy of the Zeta Guide here.


2017 ANFF-Q Fabrication Course

This full-day course will assist post-graduate, post-doctoral and early career researchers understand the basic principles of fabrication that can lead to microfluidic devices, sensors and optical devices, and the range of facilities and expertise they have at their disposal through the Australian National Fabrication Facility.

The presentation has been separated into 7 sections:

    1. Introduction
    2. Design and mask making
    3. Photolithography
    4. Thin film technology
    5. Etching
    6. Soft lithography and microfluidics
    7. Packaging and integration technology

1 – Introduction

 2 – Design and mask making

 3 – Photolithography

 4 – Thin film technology

 5 – Etching

 6 – Soft lithography and microfluidics

 7 – Packaging and integration technology