ANFF-Qld Inductions and Training

ANFF-Qld operates two different Hubs within Brisbane:

  • The University of Queensland: ANFF-Q UQ Hub has equipment located in AIBN (Building 75) St Lucia Campus, COPE Lab (SCMB Building 68) St Lucia Campus, and in Pandanus Building on the Long Pocket Campus.
  • Griffith University: ANFF-Q Griffith Hub has equipment located in the Queensland Microtechnology Facility (QMF) as part of the Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre (QMNC Building N74), Nathan Campus. 

ANFF-Qld Hub Equipment and Building inductions for each campus location may be required depending on the equipment to be accessed. 

To access our facilities there are 4 main steps:

  1. Send a query to ANFF-Qld via to discuss your Project objectives. 
  2. Complete an ANFF-Q New Client form to provide us information and authorisation.
  3. Register and complete an ANFF-Q Hub Building Induction and Access request. 
  4. Setup a training session with an ANFF-Q Professional Officer.

An ANFF-Q Professional Officer will arrange a consultation with you to discuss your project further and to assist with the Building Inductions required. 

The University of Queensland (UQ) Hub

Induction Times

AIBN Building Induction

Access to all areas of AIBN is controlled by proximity card (UQ identification card) and is restricted to authorised personnel only.

AIBN provides building and laboratory inductions for all new and visiting staff and students. Building inductions are held via zoom, followed by a local induction with the Floor Manager, on alternate Tuesdays at 10:00AM.

ANFF-Q new users will need to attend an AIBN Building Induction to access the ANFF-Q Facility, or request an update to their AIBN Access for Level 2, East Wing Laboratories. 

If you’re not a UQ staff or student, an ANFF-Q Professional Officer will register you for the next available AIBN Building Induction. Please let them know your availability for an Induction when discussing your initial access. 

In addition to attending the AIBN building and laboratory induction, building occupants are required to complete relevant UQ HSW online training modules.

AIBN–UQ Hub Cleanroom Induction

ANFF-Q Cleanroom Access Training sessions are currently on hold pending the completion of the Cleanroom Expansion and upgrade project. 

Please contact ANFF Administration to register your interest in attending the updated training session when they’re available. 

In preparation for attending an ANFF-Q Cleanroom Access training session, please read and complete the following Risk Assessments available through UQSafe-Risk system before attending the training session. 

Mandatory Risk Assessments for ANFF-Qld Cleanroom Access;

  • Task ID: 17970 ANFF-Q Hydrofluoric acid (HF) Vapour Etcher
  • Task ID: 16377 Class 10,000 Cleanroom
  • Task ID: 16623 Class 1,000 Cleanroom

ANFF-Q provides access training for our class 1,000 and class 10,000 cleanrooms located within the AIBN (Building 75, St Lucia Campus). 

Long Pocket–UQ Site Induction

To access the ANFF-Q Long Pocket facility, you must complete a Long Pocket building induction followed by a Cleanroom Induction.

To book a Long Pocket building induction, please email

To book a Long Pocket cleanroom induction, please contact our Professional Officer Bingzhao Xia.


After setup as an ANFF-Q User in the ANFF-Q Booking System, your initial training sessions will be booked by the advising ANFF-Q Professional Officer. Once training and access is completed, you can self-manage your equipment bookings through the ANFF-Q Booking System.

ANFF-Q Professional officers supervise all New User training sessions, and are available for Facility assistance if required. 

To arrange a training session, contact the relevant ANFF-Q Professional Officer from your initial consultation. For additional equipment access and training use the ANFF-Q Instrument list and contacts page to contact an ANFF-Q Professional Officer for consultation.

Risk Assessments

Once you have completed your training, you will need to read the relevant risk assessments before equipment access is provided in the ANFF-Q Facility Equipment Booking system.

UQ Hub users will need to access the UQ risk assessment database: UQSafe-Risk

To access the UQ risk assessment database when you’re Non-UQ staff or student, complete an Application for UQ organisational unit staff internet access and email it to for authorisation and access.

ANFF-Q Facility Manager should be nominated as the Supervisor for all Non-UQ staff and students. 

Griffith University (GU) Hub

Inductions, training and workplace health and safety requirements

For access to the ANFF-Q GU Hub facilities please contact the ANFF-Q Facility Manager. Once equipment access needs have been determined and agreed upon, the scope of inductions, training and workplace health and safety requirements necessary to access the Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre and Queensland Microtechnology Facility will be determined.