ANFF-Q has a large range of instruments that can be used to fabricate components and devices and high-quality research consumables. Example applications include:

  • Nanoscale 3D printing using our Nanoscribe
  • Desktop 3D printing – FDM and SLA
  • Soft-lithography
  • Photo-lithography
  • Deposition techniques for the creation of thin films and nanostructures in semiconductors, MEMS, optics, wear-resistant coatings, solar cells and flexible electronics, and flexible transistor fabrication
  • Etching – reactive ion etching, deep reactive ion etching, wet etching and XeF2 etching
  • Microfluidic devices – using photolithography, soft-lithography, device packaging

If you would like to engage our ANFF-Q Professional Officers to fabricate something for you, email us your specifications. An ANFF-Q staff member will respond within two working days to discuss your project and provide you with a quote for the requested work.