Anton Paar presents Nanoindentation with Hit 300 platform

ANFF-Qld Facility welcomed Dr. Shamim Shahrokhi , the Anton Paar Technical Sales Specialist (Characterisation) for Australia and New Zealand, 28th May 2024 who presented a seminar about their Hit 300 nanoindentation instrument for Mechanical Surface Characterisation, to ANFF-Qld Facility users and the public. Hit 300 is a premium yet highly affordable nanohardness tester built for every user … Read more “Anton Paar presents Nanoindentation with Hit 300 platform”

ANFF-Qld Abstract Callout for ANFF Next 2024 Casebook

The ANFF-Qld Facility is calling for casebook submissions from Queensland Node clients for this year’s Casebook – ANFF Next 2024. Each year the Australian National Fabrication Facility creates an Annual Casebook highlighting the great work around the ANFF Network and showcasing the research outcomes of our clients. The ANFF Casebook is a printed annual and displayed in all … Read more “ANFF-Qld Abstract Callout for ANFF Next 2024 Casebook”

2022 ANFF Client Satisfaction Survey

2022 was a big year throughout the ANFF Network. We would love to receive your feedback on how we performed or where we could have improved. We are asking all users to share their thoughts and experiences through completion of the 2022 Client Satisfaction Survey. Survey respondents are eligible to enter a prize draw for … Read more “2022 ANFF Client Satisfaction Survey”

First of it’s kind in Australia! Next Generation Nano 3D printing

The Australian National Fabrication Facility – Queensland Node (ANFF-Qld), based at The University of Queensland, is excited to launch the next generation nano 3D printing tool MPO 100 based on Two-Photon Polymerization in our new, shiny and renovated cleanroom. The system, developed by Multiphoton Optics GmbH and manufactured by its parent company Heidelberg Instruments, will … Read more “First of it’s kind in Australia! Next Generation Nano 3D printing”

ANFF Showcase 2021

The Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) is holding its Annual Research Showcase, on 9th and 10th of November. The event provides a platform for the most exciting ANFF-enabled outcomes, it’s your chance to hear from the companies and research groups that make up Australia’s nanofabrication community. The Showcase will be held in a hybrid format, with talks … Read more “ANFF Showcase 2021”

ANFF-Q Student Award  Semester 2 applications are open!

The ANFF-Q Student Award has been created to allow scientific students to gain access to a facility and equipment they have not been exposed to before.  With assistance and mentoring from the ANFF-Q technical staff, and an amount of consumables, it allows for a short term project to be done in a state of the … Read more “ANFF-Q Student Award  Semester 2 applications are open!”

The Future of Lithography is here at ANFF-Q!

Direct Write Lithography for Nano & microstructures for research and industry applications  We are excited to introduce our new Maskless Aligner MLA150.  The maskless Aligner MLA150 serves as a trusted, indispensable workhorse in many multi-user facilities, nanofabrication labs, and national institutes. Application areas include MEMS, micro-optics, diffractive optical elements, sensors, electronic components, microfluidics, life sciences and … Read more “The Future of Lithography is here at ANFF-Q!”

ANFF-Q’s Clean room upgrade & expansion is on it’s way!

ANFF-Q is excited to announce that the Cleanroom upgrade and expansion project for the Queensland node has received financial approval enabling us to continue our journey with a state-of-the-art clean room upgrade and expansion.   The clean room  at ANFF-Q is one of the only open access facilities in Queensland and this expansion will support … Read more “ANFF-Q’s Clean room upgrade & expansion is on it’s way!”

ANFF-Q Student Award winners – March 2021

Congratulations to our second ANFF-Q Student Award recipients: Mr Zheng Zheng, Mr Ali Qintoon and Mr Yuhao Zhang . These worthy award recipients will receive: 20 hours of ANFF-Q instrument access, training and support from ANFF-Q staff; up to $500 worth of consumables; and the opportunity to present their research outcomes to an audience including academics and industry … Read more “ANFF-Q Student Award winners – March 2021”