ANFF acknowledgement policy

The ANFF access and pricing policy requires that all academic publications arising from the use of ANFF facilities acknowledge ANFF. The ANFF logo and the ANFF PowerPoint template can be downloaded from the ANFF website.

Facility Users of the Queensland Node (UQ and Griffith University) should acknowledge they have used the Queensland Node with the below acknowledgement phrase.

Acknowledgment phrase for Papers:

“This work used the Queensland node of the NCRIS-enabled Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).”


The acknowledgement phrase and the ANFF logo should be included on the acknowledgements slide of a presentation. Presentations of work that has been primarily carried out at ANFF facilities may also use the ANFF PowerPoint template.

Account Credit for UQ, ANFF-Qld Accountholders:

UQ ANFF-Qld Facility users can claim a $200 account credit for each peer-reviewed journal article provided to ANFF-Qld where the Queensland Node of ANFF is acknowledged.

  • Account credit is eligible to an accountholder (supervisor) not the user
  • Account credit applies from the date the publication credit claim is received
  • Publication account credits are eligible on a first-in basis when there are multiple UQ ANFF-Qld account holders (though there should be a connection within the publication to the UQ ANFF-Qld accountholder)

To claim the $200 account credit please send an email to ANFF-Qld Publications –, with a pdf copy of the paper or excel list of publications with their DOI reference link, and the name of the UQ ANFF-Qld Accountholder (supervisor) where the credit should be applied.

ANFF-Qld are currently collecting 2024 publications where the Queensland Node of ANFF is acknowledged.

2023 ANFF Publication reporting closed February 2024.

(Acknowledgement variants acceptable for credit : ANFF-Q; Australian National Fabrication Facility – Queensland Node; Australian National Fabrication Facility – The University of Queensland; Australian National Fabrication Facility – Griffith Node.)