Custom research consumables

ANFF-Qld provide a range of custom high-quality research consumables. ANFF-Qld also provides 3D printing services and software to design and create highly-specialised items. Prices for popular items are listed below.

If you have something more unique in mind please contact us to discuss your requirements.

ANFF-Qld operate several 3D printers including a Konica Minolta Figure 4 & MJP2500, and Ultimaker 2.

Please contact the ANFF-Qld staff members Dr Ravi Chandra Raju Nagiri or Dr Bingzhao Xia if you would like to access these instruments.

ANFF-Qld maintain a small supply of standard research consumables for UQ ANFF-Qld Users and can be ordered through the ANFF-Qld facility Booking System. For any assistance, please email ANFF-Qld Admin

Chrome masks

ANFF-Q houses a Heidelberg uPG101 system that is used to fabricate photolithography masks. The system has two modes:

  • Mode 1 – resolves down to 2 µm (isolated lines) with a write area of 85 mm x 85 mm.
  • Mode 2 – resolves down to 5 µm with a write area of 125 mm x 150 mm (design tolerance is 10%).

To request your custom mask fabrication, please complete an ANFF-Q chrome mask request form and email it to

Chrome mask price list

Category Mask Size Resolution Price (AUD)
ANFF-Q membership rate 5 ” 5 µm $200.00
2 µm $360.00
7 ” 5 µm $330.00
2 µm $460.00
Non-membership rate 5 ” 5 µm $280.00
2 µm $520.00
7 ” 5 µm $410.00
2 µm $620.00

Note: All mask blanks are sodalime. If you wish to order a chrome mask based on a different mask blank (e.g. quartz), please email to discuss your order as longer production times may apply.

Download the chrome mask price list.

Silicon carbide on silicon wafers

The superior properties of silicon carbide (SiC) can create better products for MEMS, photonics and thin membranes, and SiC coatings could even provide a route to graphene on silicon (Si).  Additionally, SiC’s epitaxial growth compatibility with aluminium nitride and galium nitride enhances the range of devices that can be developed with SiC. However, to manufacture these products at a low cost and make them commercially viable will require the utilisation of mature silicon wafer technology.

The Griffith Site of ANFF-Q, in conjunction with SPT Microtechnologies, has developed a production reactor for the epitaxial growth of 3C SiC on Si wafers, providing the route for the use of SiC on Si in mass production and bridging the gap between mature silicon wafer technology and emerging innovative SiC applications.

In collaboration with our industry partners, we would like to promote the use and development of SiC technology. If you are interested in obtaining 3C SiC on Si wafers from 2 ” to 300 mm, or would like to discuss collaborative projects or device fabrication please contact the ANFF-Q Facility Manager.

Silicon carbide windows

ANFF-Qld has a range of silicon carbide films that can be used for e-beam and x-ray windows.

Our silicon carbide membranes come in 380 μm thick silicon square-sided frames. Membrane window size range is up to 6mm for a 10mm frame and up to 10mm for a 20mm frame. SiC membrane thickness range 50 nm – 1000 nm depending on window size.

To place your order or discuss your custom design, please contact the ANFF-Qld Facility Manager.

Silicon nitride windows

ANFF-Q provides square silicon nitride windows for synchrotron applications at a flat rate of AUD$15 per window.

Select your window parameters from the following options, or email us to request a custom design.

Frame Thickness Frame Size Window Size Film Thickness
675 µm 5 mm x 5 mm 500 µm 50 nm
1000 µm 100 nm
10 mm x 10 mm 2500 µm 250 nm
500 nm
4000 µm 750 nm
1000 nm

To order your silicon nitride windows, please complete an ANFF-Q silicon nitride window order form and email it to

Custom windows are available at the standard rate; simply email us your specifications. Due to process development time, there may be a longer production time for custom windows.

Download the silicon nitride window price list.