Silicon carbide – The next generation ultra thin membranes for nano-biological analysis

Silicon nitride membranes are commercially available and widely used as in-situ transparent sample holders for SEM, TEM, STEM, Xray and Synchrotron analysis. However, silicon carbide is a better material – stronger, conductive and more transparent that enables sharper, clearer imaging /analysis.

At the Queensland Microtechnology Facility, part of the Australian National Fabrication Facility, we bridge the gap between R+D and production, have pioneered IP and lead technology for the high quality deposition of thin silicon carbide on large silicon wafers. We are the only facility in the world capable of processing up to 300mm wafers and providing commercially viable fabrication of ultra thin SiC membranes.

This unique silicon carbide deposition and fabrication capability enables us to create better products such as SiC membranes commercially, innovate, export and aid the Australian knowledge based economy.

We are also collaborating with SiN membrane manufactures, such as Silson Ltd (UK).

For more information, contact Operations Director Alan Iacopi.

Research Team:

Alan Iacopi
Leonie Hold