ANFF-Q’s Dr Elena Taran is Guest Editor of Minerals

ANFF-Q Professional Officer Dr Elena Taran has been invited to be the Guest Editor for a special issue of Minerals:Interfacial Forces in Mineral Processing”.

Elena is ANFF-Q’s surface science specialist. Her core expertise is relying on Scanning Probe Microscopy and Force Spectroscopy techniques with a strong background in silica nanotribology.

Dear Colleagues,

Interfacial forces are fundamental for the development of future mineral processing technologies and also for the extensive comprehension of existing ones. Understanding the landscape of these interactions, their triggers, and their interconnectivity has great potential to help predict the outcomes of these processes. Improved effectiveness; sustainability; reduction of energy and costs associated with the process; and environmental benefits, such as reduced carbon footprint, are among the envisaged positive results or knowledge gained in this space.

I therefore invite you to submit reviews and original articles on the broad subject of interfacial forces in mineral processing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Elena Taran
Guest Editor

Manuscripts should be submitted online at Deadline for manuscript submissions is 15 March 2020.