ANFF-Q’s Clean room upgrade & expansion is on it’s way!

ANFF-Q is excited to announce that the Cleanroom upgrade and expansion project for the Queensland node has received financial approval enabling us to continue our journey with a state-of-the-art clean room upgrade and expansion.  

The clean room  at ANFF-Q is one of the only open access facilities in Queensland and this expansion will support local researchers and industry by providing infrastructure and capabilities to support innovative projects, contributing towards the advancement in research and innovation in Queensland and nationally.

The ANFF-Q, ANFF-L and UQ will all contribute to the $1.67M upgrade to the ANFF Queensland node increasing our cleanroom size from 100m2 to 190m2.  The project will build an extension to our class 10,000 cleanroom, extend our class 1,000 lithography room and significantly improve our humidity controls to meet industry standards.  This project will enable the remaining NCRIS funded capital equipment to be installed and create a showpiece facility not only for the ANFF-Q but also for the University of Queensland’s AIBN building

Work has already begun on the finalised construction drawings, If you need more details please email Anthony Christian, ANFF-Q Facility Manager