ANFF-Q cleanroom improvements: phases 1 & 2 complete!

After all the planning and hard work, we are excited to unveil our new cleanroom space!

The new working area now comprises…

— a new custom-made “Flammables” fumehood designated for all solvent-based processes, including:

  • general wafer cleaning
  • SU8 resist development (PGMEA)
  • metal lift-off

— a new custom-made “Corrosives” fumehood designated for all corrosive processes, including:

  • AZ resist and photomask development (AZ developer)
  • metal etching (Cr, Au, Al)
  • piranha cleaning
  • aqueous HF etching
  • KOH etching (new Modutek processing tanks)
  • vapour HF etching (new Idonus HF etcher)

— a new Sawatec spin coat and bake unit with functions, including:

  • automated resist dispensing
  • HMDS priming in hot plate

— a SPTS Xactic xenon difluoride etcher

— a spin rinse dryer for cleaning 4” and 6” wafers

In addition, we have also implemented changes in other areas of the cleanroom to maximise work space.

We look forward to welcoming you back and continuing to support your work in our cleanroom!

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