The next generation advanced AFM is here at ANFF-Q!

We are excited to introduce our new Bruker Dimension XR AFM. This AFM is equipped with advanced features to obtain nano-mechanical and nano-electrical characteristics of various samples in conjunction with surface topography information. It can also be used to analyse large samples and can accommodate up to 8-inch wafer samples on its large sample stage.

Figure 1: PFM DataCUBE hyperspectral Electrical Volume map, shows distribution and change of PFM response in BFO material, collected at high resolution in short time scales.

The ScanAsyst™ and PeakForce™ functionalities are ideal for new users to kick start their project with ease of use and straightforward user interface.

The PeakForce™ TUNA, DataCUBE TUNA,  KPFM and Contact Resonance are some of the key available modes at ANFF-Q. 

The Bruker Dimension XR AFM will be available from 10th December 2020. For more information, to discuss your project or schedule a training please contact either Dr Kinnari Shelat or Dr Jeff Yun Huang

If you wish to hear about various modes, please register for our upcoming webinar on 10th December.