HEMT – The speed and power revolution in transistors

High Electron Mobility Transistors have taken decades to become commercially available and further improvements are still needed and possible. The high mobility of these devices enables highest switching speeds with higher energy efficiency and tolerant to high temperature that’s necessary for the new emerging technologies, 5G network, wireless charging, Lidar sensing through to power electronics for charging of and in electric vehicles.

New material deposition technology for GaN and its alloys has enabled this revolution. Bluglass, the Sydney technology company specialising in low temperature deposition of GaN, and the team at the Queensland Microtechnology Facility are designing and fabricating these transistors to prove the value of the Bluglass technology in combination with our world leading epitaxial SiC on Si processes.

This device market is currently ~$100M / year and growing fast. Our collaboration, partly funded by the IMCRC, targets commercialisation of Australian innovation and growing Australia’s knowledge based economy.

For more information, contact Operations Director Alan Iacopi.

Research Team:

Alan Iacopi
Prof Sima Dimitrijev
Dr Hamid Moghadam
Dr Phillip Tanner
Dr Daniel Haasmann
Glenn Walker
Leonie Hold
Dr Faisal Mohd-Yasin