ANFF-Q’s Cypher AFM is upgrading to blueDrive™

Event Date: 24/02/2021

Event Time: 2:00pm

To showcase the new features of the blueDrive™ upgrade to our Cypher AFMANFF-Q will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 24 February 2021.

The heart of every AFM is the cantilever that does the imaging. To achieve this the AFM must oscillate near its resonance. This is normally achieved using a shaking piezo. In air this works well but in fluids it can lead to poor quality imaging and instability.

Modern AFMs now use blueDrive™ photothermal excitation. This system uses a 405nm laser to cleanly drive the cantilever. The result – higher resolution, better stability, and ease of use.

If you would like to access the Cypher AFM, please email ANFF-Q Professional Officer Dr Kinnari Shelat.

Your Presenter:

Dr Shane Huntington OAM (@DrShaneRRR) is the Founder and Director of the Innovation Group Pty Ltd, a scientific equipment supplier and communication course provider. Shane has been building, using and selling AFMs for over 25 years.

Places are limited so make sure you register.