ANFF-Q Student Award winners announced!

Congratulations to our first ANFF-Q Student Award recipients: Zachary Degnan, William Lutz and Shaun McAnally. These worthy award recipients will receive:

  • 20 hours of ANFF-Q instrument access, training and support from ANFF-Q staff;
  • up to $500 worth of consumables; and
  • the opportunity to present their research outcomes to an audience including academics and industry representatives.

Learn more about the research projects that our award recipients will be undertaking:

Award Recipient: Mr Zachary Degnan

Supervisor: Dr Peter Jacobson

With access to ANFF-Q facilities I’ll have the opportunity to fabricate and characterise superconducting resonators, important hardware for superconducting quantum computers. I can’t wait to begin my journey at this exciting facility.

Award Recipient: Mr William Lutz

Supervisor: A/Prof Ebinazar Namdas

As part of my honours project, I am working on the development of high efficiency and low “roll-off” organic light emitting devices for the next generation of augmented reality applications. Over the course of this project I aim to advance the new materials utilised in see-through applications and work on improving device architectures to suit. Since this primarily involves the fabrication of devices, the training and resources provided to me by ANFF-Q will be invaluable as I have the privilege of learning from professionals of the field and am given access to state-of-the-art equipment. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the student award and the assistance it provides me in advancing my future career.

Award Recipient: Mr Shaun McAnally

Supervisor : Prof Paul Burn

I am a third year undergraduate student at UQ currently working on a capstone research project with the team at the Centre for Organic Photonics & Electronics. My project will focus on understanding and optimising the performance of new non-fullerene acceptor solar cells. ANFF-Q facilities will be essential for the characterisation of these organic photovoltaic devices and the Student Award will accelerate my training and research aims.

If you’d like to learn more about the ANFF-Q Student Award, please contact the Award Co-ordinator Kinnari Shelat.