Advanced confocal laser scanning microscopy workshop

ANFF-Q, in conjunction with Leica, are holding an advanced confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) workshop.

We aim to give hands-on demonstrations of state-of-the-art software used on ANFF-Q’s new Leica SP8 X.

This full-day workshop will focus on Leica LAS X (SP8 CLSM) and Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) Huygens’s deconvolution software functionalities.

The software workshop will cover the following topics:

  • in-depth, hands-on deconvolution using Huygens (SVI) software and optimising imaging resolution via Leica HyVolution 2D and 3D analysis.
  • overview of specialised functionalities such as FRET AB, FRET SE, FRAP, FLIM, FLIM-FRET, STED (not all of these features are currently available on our system).

This will be followed by a smaller step-by-step, hands-on live cell imaging workshop — bring your own sample!

The workshop will be run by Leica application specialist Dr Stephen Thompson and Dr Vincent Schoonderwoert, Senior Imaging/Application Specialist at Scientific Volume Imaging.

Places are limited, so make sure you register!

If you wish to attend both the software workshop and the live cell imaging workshop, you must register for both separately.