Dancing helium

University of Queensland researchers are using a fluid that never settles to create quantum tornadoes on a chip.

Super spinifex

UQ researchers are commercialising a class of reinforcing nanofibres that have the potential to create an entirely new industry in rural Queensland.

Personalising nutrition

A wearable smart patch could deliver precision data to help people personalise their diets and reduce their risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

Ecofriendly pesticides get an efficiency boost

Researchers from The University of Queensland have paved the way for wide use of high-performance ecofriendly pesticides by encasing them in nanoparticles, making them sturdier and stickier.

Skin-deep sensing

A new sensor from QLD-based company, WearOptimo, could provide medical professionals with a tool to forecast which COVID-19 patients are on the path to severe respiratory distress allowing earlier, more appropriate treatment.

Affordable SiC deposition at production scale

Through an advanced suite of tools and substantial expertise, ANFF-Q specialises in microfluidics, organic electronics and optoelectronics, biomaterials, novel semiconductor materials and characterisation.

Targeting brain tumours

Treating brain cancer is very complex and challenging. Treatment must target cancer tissue without damaging surrounding non-cancer tissue. Another challenge is to determine if the new drug is delivered to the tumour.

Expanding spinifex success

Traditionally used by Indigenous Australians for building materials, household goods and weapons, spinifex grass, a sacred symbol of resilience which embodies significant Indigenous traditional knowledge, has recently revealed exciting possibilities at the nano-scale.