Characterising nanoparticles and proteins with the Litesizer 500

Event Date: 18/11/2020

Event Time: 2:00pm

To introduce our new Anton Paar Litesizer™ 500ANFF-Q will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 18 November  to showcase some of the many features and applications of this incredible instrument.

The Litesizer™ 500 is an instrument for characterising nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions.

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is the most common measurement technique for particle size analysis in the nanometre range.

Dr Ashish Kumar from Anton Paar will describe the theory as well as the basics of dynamic, electro-phoretic and static light scattering (DLS, ELS and SLS) measurements and explain how particle size, zeta potential and molecular mass are determined. Furthermore, common applications for the characterisation of nanoparticles, proteins and polymers are presented, alongside a virtual demo of the intuitive yet powerful Kalliope software.

With the Litesizer™, you will benefit from the following:

  • Three detection angles with automatic angle selection through transmittance.
  • Perform zeta potential measurements on sample concentrations up to 70% (m/V), and on samples as dilute as 0.1 mg/ml.
  • Long-life laser diode with extremely short warm-up times.
  • Compact design with easy-to-use control software.

If you would like to access the Litesizer 500, please contact Javaid Khan.


2:00pm – 3:00pm
Wednesday, 18 November 2020


Your Presenter:

Dr Ashish Kumar is Market Manager (Business Unit Characterisation) at Anton Paar Australia and Anton Paar New Zealand. The Characterisation portfolio includes Rheometry, Mechanical Surface Testing, Particle Characterisation, Surface Area and Porosity, and Atomic Force Microscopy. He is responsible for technical support, application testing, product management and marketing activities for the different product lines, and has been since 2013. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Melbourne (Australia) and has nine years of rheology experience, five of those in the field of mineral processing and tailings disposal.