Vaxxas’ Nanopatch™ development supported by ANFF-Q

Vaxxas’ proprietary Nanopatch™ technology aims to provide an optimized, differentiated needle-free vaccine delivery solution that safely and cost effectively amplifies vaccine efficacy.

The Nanopatch
The Nanopatch™

Vaxxas is a venture capital funded technology start-up company developing technology that originated from Professor Mark Kendall‘s research group at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology at The University of Queensland (UQ). The multidisciplinary research group developed the Nanopatch™ technology—a next generation vaccine delivery platform providing a needle-free, safe and cost effective alternative to traditional vaccinations—with the support of ANFF-Q facilities and personnel. Advanced instruments such as the deep reactive ion etcher, photoplotter, hot embosser and soft lithography suite were used to fabricate the microneedle arrays used in the technology.

Vaxxas was established to commercialise this technology in 2011 with $15 million in venture capital funding—one of Australia’s largest series A investments in a start-up. In 2015 they raised an additional $25 million in a series B round. Investors so far include OneVentures, Brandon Capital Partners, The Medical Research Commercialisation Fund and HealthCare Ventures LLC.

Vaxxas’ plans include partnering with different vaccine companies to achieve safe, effective vaccine delivery in their particular disease areas of interest, potentially improving the lives of millions. Professor Kendall is CTO of Vaxxas and remains an academic at UQ. For more information, visit