3rd Australian Biology of Ageing Conference – registration closes 11 June

The 3rd Australian Biology of Ageing Conference will bring together researchers to discuss highly innovative and multidisciplinary research programs to tackle the challenges of the demographic change of an ageing society with a particular focus on Stem Cells, Ageing and Rejuvenation.

Featuring Plenary lectures from Professors Judith Campisi, Thomas A Rando, Juergen Goetz, and Hartmut Geiger. We hope that this meeting will foster new cross-disciplinary collaborations in the scientific community, by bringing together researchers from a diverse array of fields including stem cell biology, regenerative engineering, metabolism, epigenetics, cell biology, systems biology, neurobiology, proteomics, cancer, physiology, geriatric medicine, nutrition and genomics.

The conference will be held from the 25th to the 26th of June 2018, at Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, The University of Queensland.

Registration closes 11 June

Abstract submission closes 11:59 pm, 11 June
(all submissions after 23 May will only be considered for poster presentation.)