2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation, 24–27 September

ANFF-Q is a proud sponsor of the 2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation (ICBNI 2017). The conference will present the latest advances in the most exciting and commercially-promising area of science and engineering, i.e. the interface between the biological and physical sciences at the nanoscale.

Science and technology at the bio–nano interface is delivering not only new understanding of our world, but is being translated into valuable products in a vast array of areas, such as microelectronics, biologics and other therapeutics, stem cell therapies, new vehicles and approaches to delivering drugs, advanced diagnostics tools, nanocomposites, etc., etc.

The ICBNI brings world leaders in the relevant fields to discuss their latest results and the latest advances in the field. A particular focus of the conference will be an exploration of the path from invention to commercial realisation, and the scientific sessions will therefore focus on that translational pathway.

For more information or to register visit the ICBNI website.